“What a husband expects from a wife” by Nikki Bray

This post was first published by Family Life and is used here by permission

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, psychologist, author and radio host asked her male listeners….“What is the single most important expectation you have in a wife?” Listen to the replies she got:

  • “A woman who will put family first; create a sanctuary for the family; organize household and be a loving mother”.
  • “To be understanding and committed – and not be easily swayed by external influences on the marriage; loyalty”.
  • “Friend and lover first…..mother second”.
  • “Trust and faith in me; respect who I am and not change me for who she wants me to be”.
  • “Admire me as a husband and man; appreciates what I do for the family”.
  • “To be my support/cheerleader; stand by me in tough times; make me feel wanted and needed”.
  • “Make sexual intimacy a priority; loving and affectionate even and especially when there is stress”.

As I read these it supports all my own personal research and belief that men need their women.

This is a list showing incredible vulnerability because it shows how dependent men are on their women for self esteem, motivation, purpose and acceptance, approval and love.

Our men may look like they have it all together but they desperately need us, their women to build them up and validate them. They can be the most successful man out in the market place but it doesn’t mean a thing if he feels he isn’t winning at home.

You know him like no other, you are the person who knows his deepest thoughts, fears, stresses, weaknesses and failings. His male ego is actually very fragile  and as his co-worker in life and marriage you hold incredible power in your hand.

So ladies here’s a suggestion. Can I ask you not to let this week go by without telling him how much you admire, appreciate and respect him, and giving  him the attention, approval and affection he craves.